Whole Wheat Nutty Banana Muffins (no butter)

At the end of every week I am left with a minimum of three over ripe bananas and this time I decided I would make muffins but healthy muffins. So here is the version with nuts, no butter and no sugar. Whole wheat is always better than Maida ( the bleached refined version of wheat)… Continue reading Whole Wheat Nutty Banana Muffins (no butter)

Mango CheeseCake

Staying on the mango track, I am trying to make as many mango yum yums as I can 🙂 Sorry about the baby lingo. My baby just called me mama and so now I am  talking as much as I can as I have heard that the more you talk to your baby, the faster… Continue reading Mango CheeseCake

Good Old Banana Bread Muffins.. My lazy day breakfast…..

Ok by far the easiest recipe I have posted. Its pretty much a one bowl deal and if you make them over a weekend, you have next weeks breakfast pretty much DONE!! I give my baby one banana mashed every morning, after his milk. So by the end of the week I usually have 3-4… Continue reading Good Old Banana Bread Muffins.. My lazy day breakfast…..

Quick Carrot and Sausage Soup

The other day, my husband rushed back from office, mid day and I realized he had a fever. I was on panic mode as there was nothing in the fridge and I knew a bowl of soup would make him feel better. The only thing in the fridge was the carrots I keep for my… Continue reading Quick Carrot and Sausage Soup

Mango and Almond Chip Ice Cream

Its summer time and that means its mango time! I am going to try making as many mango based yummies as I can. My little baby boy Adithya just turned 7 months and now he’s constantly on his fours, crawling around the house, trying to climb up and always falling down while sitting up straight.… Continue reading Mango and Almond Chip Ice Cream