Vanilla Panna Cotta with Kiwi Compote





There are times when you want a simple decadent dessert that is just the right mix of sweet, creamy and sour. The rich creamy texture of vanilla Panna cotta combines with the slight sourness of kiwi to balance this wonderful dessert!

The first time I had Panna cotta was at a restaurant and it was topped with a pomegranate jelly. I didn’t like it too much. I think the toughness of the jelly put me off completely. But the soft, smooth cream layer next was just heavenly! That’s when I decided I should try variations of this dessert. There on I have tried a variety of them, some of them I will post on the blog.

“Sour” is just a great flavour to go with sweet! And I just love kiwi! It isn’t a fruit you find that often where I come from, so for me it would be an exotic fruit! When I was doing my law degree my mum would make this amazing soft milk cake, with butter cream.This cake would be covered with Kiwis, cherry, pineapple bits and some times lychee! Oh it was just a wonderful experience! Each bite would be filled with sweet and sour and sugar and butter and gooooodness!!! I still remember how it would look all red and green and white on a steel grey cake tray set on a dark brown table…….

Anyway this dessert derives its inspiration from that yummy time!


1) Heavy Cream – 1 cup

2) Full fat milk – 1 cup

3) Caster Sugar – 1 cup

5) Vanilla Extract – 2tsp

6) Gelatin Powder – 2 tsp

7) Water – 3 tbsp

Kiwi Compte

1) Fresh Kiwi – skin peeled and cut into cubes

2) Sugar – 1/2 cup

3) Vanilla extract – 1 tsp

Instructions :-

  • Pour water into a bowl and sprinkle gelatin powder over it. Set aside
  • In a heavy bottom pan, add milk and cream. Heat this mixture on low, constantly stirring to ensure that the cream does not burn or boil over
  • Once it has come to a simmer, add the gelatin mixture and vanilla extract
  • Take the cream mixture off the heat and pour into desired glasses
  • Carefully place the glass of cream into fridge for at least 3 -4 hours
  • While the creams sets get started with the kiwi compote
  • In a sauce pan, combine cubed kiwi and sugar. Let the mixture simmer on medium heat till the kiwi breaks down to a liquid paste. Then add vanilla extract to the kiwi mixture ( this is only to take away the smell of boiled fruit, so you can decrease the amount of extract if you like)
  • Take the kiwi mixture off the stove and let it cool to room temperature
  • Pour kiwi compote onto the set vanilla cream layer just before you serve
  • This dessert is best enjoyed chilled 🙂




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