White chocolate peach cake with rosemary pomegranate SwissMeringue Frosting








Hello everybody!! My baby turned one!! Yes!! Can you believe it?? Its been one whole year and my baby is already running around and eating cake! I love baking and as much as I love who people make such wonderful detailed sculptures and I also loved making them a few times ( with fondant) i have decided that I will never make a cake with fondant or gum paste ever! I just think there is so much more to baking and fondant just makes be forget why I started baking in the first place 🙂

So when I was asked what cake I would make for my baby, I was quick to say “not a fondant cake!! for sure! and the end result was this. The last cake I made was for my husband on his birthday and that was just so much chocolate I decided I wouldn’t do the coco thing anymore. So here is my babys first birthday cake with white chocolate and peach. The frosting is a rosemary infused pomegranate meringue butter cream. And I wanted to share the recipe with you.

Ingredients :-

  1. Eggs – 4 ( separated)
  2. Pomegranate – 1 cup
  3. Powdered Sugar – 1 cup
  4. Butter – 250 gms ( room temp)
  5. RoseMary – 3 long sprigs

Instructions :-

  1. Firstly take the pomegranate and cut it into four and slowly pop out all the seeds within
  2. once you are done with the whole fruit, put the seeds into a mixer and grind for 5 mins
  3. Then strain the juice into a pot. You don want any seeds in the juice
  4. Now heat the juice on a low flame. Add the rosemary to the juice and let it simmer
  5. Let the juice reduce to 90%. You will see that the colour is almost purplish. (Don’t worry)
  6. Now let the reduction cool down
  7. In another pot, on a double boiler, add the egg white and sugar and mix well
  8. Mix till the sugar and eggs have combined well and the vessel is just warm ( don over do it, you will have scrambled egg white)
  9. Now take it off the heat and whisk for 5 mins
  10. You will see how the egg whites turn nice and glossy and slowly form peaks ( 10mins)
  11. Now slowly add the butter a little at a time ( do not pop it all in at once)
  12. You will see the mixture curdle. But trust me do not stop whisking!! it will go back to the nice firm peaks. Just give it time. Now turn your whisk on high and whisk for another 10 mins
  13. I know there is a lot of whisking but trust me it tastes so much better that just butter cream
  14. When you see the mixture come to the required  consistency add the pomegranate reduction
  15. Finally pop the frosting into your piping bag and you are all set to pipe out your design
  16. You can store the frosting for one week in an air tight box



8 thoughts on “White chocolate peach cake with rosemary pomegranate SwissMeringue Frosting”

  1. What a gorgeous birthday cake! That pomegranate frosting is so pink and ruffly, and I love how you made your own pomegranate reduction for that unique colour and flavour (very with you on the fondant thing – not a fan!). Would love to see the white chocolate and peach cake recipe as well, that sounds like an amazing combination 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you Nicolene. I really want to share the recipe but like many other I write them down and forget wr! I will publish it as soon as I find it 🙂 Thank you for your comment 🙂


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