Melon Granita

This is the easiest frozen dessert ever! I am trying my level best to stay away from sugar filled desserts and when ever I crave for something frozen like an ice cream or sorbet, this is my only remedy. If you like flavored crushed ice as much as I do then you should try this one. It just needs 5 ingredients and it just takes one blender bowl!

Ingredients :-

1) Water Melon – 1 Cup ( cut to cubes)

2) Mush Melon or Cantaloupe – 1 cup ( cut to cubes)

3) Water – 1/2 cup

4) Sugar – 1/2cup ( or lesser if the melon is sweet)

5) Cloves – 4

Instructions :-

1) Add all the ingredients into a blender bowl and blend till nice and smooth

2) Pour into a nice long tray and freeze for an hour

3) Then take a fork and run it through the mixture. It should have formed a thin hard layer on the top

4) Comb through the ice mixture well

5) Put it back in the freezer for half n hour

6) Serve as soon as the mixture resembles the texture of sand

7) You can always freeze this mixture and keep it outside for half n hour before you serve

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