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Hi there,

I am Parvathy. In my former life I was a lawyer and today I am a stay at home mommy to a beautiful little baby boy, an amateur baker, a learning photographer and a die-hard foodie. I started cooking only after I found that my husband is a complete foodie just like me! And as much as he loves the food I make, he is my biggest critique. We love to travel, take photos of what we eat and try replicating that same taste at home. We also love photography. I love to click and he loves to be in the photo.

Food was never just about the way it tastes, but it encompasses every aspect of the world we live in today. Color, texture, aroma, quality, nutrition and the very experience of not just creating but also enjoying the feeling of sharing such a delightful journey is what food means to me. Along the way I realized, I could share my travels in the realm of gastronomy with you. So here I am posting my favorite recipes and “works of art” and I hope you find them as exciting as I have.


Parvathy Ranjive


38 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Woooooow Parvathy you has a gorgeous glad to go through it’s amazing, will be trying some, amazing collection from your & let you know the outcome


    1. Hey Jacob!Just check out your world and I love it!! Every time we are cooking up something new I make sure I play my fav beats and I am so glad you stopped by! love your taste in music and the fun side of life!


  2. Wow Parvathy – a lovely about me story – lawyer turned mum turned foodie – love it! I have a soft spot for home cooked Indian food (your butter chicken caught my eye and my hubby is of Indian origin) so I am looking forwards to following your blog!

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  3. Hey Parvathy, stumbled up on your blog through Instagram and boy! I am glad I did. :). Your insta feed is lovely and i had to visit your bkog. Your blog is spectacular. The photos are awesome and so are the recipe. Happy Blogging. – Sreelatha

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  4. Hi! I really liked your blog and your food photography, and would like to work with you. Can you share your contact details? An email ID or perhaps your mobile number and I’ll get in touch with you. Thanks, Neeraja


  5. Thank you for following my blog, Parvathy. Your food photography is awesome. Now, I am embarrassed to share mine. Will share some food photography tips for your expert comments. Keep in touch !


    1. heLLO Sudhir 🙂 Thank you for your kind words and believe me I am just like you, venturing into the world of the unknown, food and photography do not come to be as easily as other food bloggers, but everyday you learn a little some ting and you grow a little more! I would love to share my views with you 🙂

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