A movie cake for a dear friend!

Hello everybody, How have you all been doing? I am down with a terrible cold and my baby was also down with the flu. Well he’s much better now and I am getting better. I have’nt been able to write-up a post for a long time now and I guess its cause I haven’t been… Continue reading A movie cake for a dear friend!

Key Lime Zucchini Bread / Mommy talk

      I woke up this morning with a happy tune in my head, a warm hug from Mr R and my baby slept the whole night without waking up even once! That, for me is a good night’s rest. The nights when he wakes up wailing for milk or just to be carried… Continue reading Key Lime Zucchini Bread / Mommy talk

Sweet and Sour Mango pickle with Nigella seeds

        Hello my dear readers and fellow bloggers and wonderful people of planet earth! How are you all doing this Monday night? For a fact I can tell you that the week had started with quite a bang for me. My baby is still down with the flu and Mr R is… Continue reading Sweet and Sour Mango pickle with Nigella seeds

Barbeque Chicken in plum sauce

Ok so this post is really a continuation to the earlier post. I used my plum sauce to marinate chicken breast for dinner the other day and OMG!! It was amazing!! I served it on a bed of pasta in creamy white sauce and sautéed veggies. Ingredients  1) Chicken breast – 4 pieces 2) BBQ… Continue reading Barbeque Chicken in plum sauce

Plum Barbeque Sauce / Strong Women

  My last post was Butterscotch and yes it was great fun making and even greater fun serving it to my mum, dad and husband. Mr R had around  4 -5 pieces of them at one go and my mum also enjoyed it. I know my dad loves sweets and any sweet in any form cake… Continue reading Plum Barbeque Sauce / Strong Women