Mango Carrot Ginger Juice!

I love a good healthy cleaning drink  and I realize that added sugar isn’t good. I wanted a way to detox my self as well help with acidity and asthma. So I found a quick and tasty way to do that.  My mango carrot and ginger juice. Its sweet, it has fruit and it keeps you tummy full for a while too! Carrot and honey help cleans your skin, while ginger helps with detox, acidity and asthma!

Mango Carrot Ginger Juice
Mango Carrot Ginger Juice

Ingredients for one glass

Ripe mango – 1 cup
Carrot – 1
Dry ginger powder – 1/2 tsp
Honey – 1 tbsp
Water – 1 cup

Instructions –

  • In a blender combine all the ingredients apart from the honey. Once it has reached the consistency you like add honey accordingly and check for sweetness. You might not need all the honey as the sweetness in the mango will also do.
  • Pour into a glass of choice and add ice cubes if you like! The ice cubes help reduce the pungency of the ginger.  Stay healthy!!


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