Fig, Pistachio, Rose and Almond Milk Smoothie




Hello my wonderful readers!!

How are you all doing ? So its Monday morning and while my little monster and the love of my life are fast asleep, I am sipping hot green tea and typing out this post. Its super simple and I just made it so I am telling you, if you want an awesome start to the week ahead, you have to give this smoothie a try. This time I used store bought almond milk simply cause I did not have the time to make it at home, but making almond milk at home is really really easy. I will write up a post about that too.

How was your weekend The husband had to work over the weekend so we made the most of our time at home cooking and cleaning. We did manage to have a lunch outside. The food was decent and the service was alright but the ambience was the best part of the place. After having made so many kinds of medetraninan sides, I found that the place did not live up to its name. Oh well. I will give it another try some other day and even then if it doesn’t score well I might write about it. Yeah I believe in giving every one a second chance! Even a restaurant.

A long time ago, on one of my numerous drives around the country with my mum and dad, we stumbled upon a botanical garden. I can’t remember where and when, but I remember seeing these huge figs, growing in clusters over a branch of its tree. That was the first time I saw a fresh fig. Till then we would have the dried kind. My mum made sure that we always had a balance diet of fresh fruits, dry fruits, vegetables and meat. It was all a balance. Even today, when we go home, there is always a secretly balance diet on the table, not compromising on the taste or the variety of the food. Mums have an inherent powder to do that, wouldn’t you say?

Ingredients :-

  1. Almond Milk – 2 cups
  2. Oats – 1 cup (instant)
  3. Pistachio – 1/2 cup
  4. Figs – 8- 9 + 2 for garnish
  5. Rose Syrup – 2 tbsp
  6. Pistachio Slivers – just for garnish

Instructions :-

  1. In the bowl of your blender combines alomond milk, figs and pistachio
  2. Blend till you know that the fig and milk have combined
  3. Then add the oats a little at a time and adjust according to the consistency you like
  4. Now in 2 glass pour one table spoon of rose syrup around the side of the glass to get that crazy effect
  5. The fill with the smoothie but ensure you pour it directly into the middle of the glass so that the red syrup stays towards the side
  6. Finally garnish with fresh figs and pistachio slivers

9 thoughts on “Fig, Pistachio, Rose and Almond Milk Smoothie”

  1. What a gorgeous smoothie–I love the two colour effect and vibrancy of the rose syrup! All the smoothies you’ve posted sound so delicious, and I’m particularly partial to this one because of the fresh figs 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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